02 January 2016

I submitted "Bencong (http://showstudio.com/project/fashion_film_award/alex_franck_bencong) to the Fashion Film Award at SHOWstudio UK not to win it as it was never conceived as a Fashion Film let alone to enter a competition but as an idea, an exploration. I love Nick Knight and his visual creativity, so I submitted the piece and it sits happily on their website. Very cool.

11 August 2015

I have an Instagram account: AlexFranckPhoto 


15 September 2014

Also on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEUEmPdBv-g

09 September 2014

Kaizo the video I did for my brother is now out and about... Last seen: http://goo.gl/Lt64GQ

01 April 2014

Just finished Kaizo I asked my brother to use one of his songs I liked and to do whatever I wanted with it. He generously agreed and this is the result.... The file is still locked, will be unlocked in the coming weeks.

08 November 2013

"Bruising you" the clip I shot is being shown on Star TV and Music Box in Ukraine.

02 March 2013

I posted a new video in Motion. A videoclip I did for my brother, named: "Bruising You"

15 February 2013

My friend Alexia Webster is organizing a show in Cap Town, South Africa... A projection on a wall in a parking lot... Love the idea... 

Will be showing my bencong piece. Bellow is a picture of the place.

24 October 2012

I will will have a few pictures exhibited at Paris Photo 15/18 November.


15 August 2012

Sent my Bencong piece for a showing in Palermo Sicily.

10 August 2012

I uploaded the work we projected for the FOLI Bienal in Lima, Peru. I was asked to select a group of Photographers/Artists for the show,

this is what we created. Have a look at it.

08 August 2012

A new work of mine in Motion... A work in progress... 

11 May 2012

Our NY based collective started DeadEye magazine, am a contributor... http://www.deadeyemag.com/

29 February 2012

A bit more info on FOLI ... http://foli.org.pe/descubre/folilab/index.html

18 February 2012

Am part of the Photo Bienal in Lima Peru... www.foli.org.pe... A great new project... More to come soon...

18 February 2012

I uploaded a new video "VA al Paraiso" a personal journey...

27 July 2011

I just heard a very very sad news, my friend David Blair passed away two days ago in Detroit. I made a "Portrait" of him in the "Motion" section. It was done over a year ago. He was a rare talent. I will put something together on him soon...


21 April 2011

Am taking part in this great auction to raise money for the Japaneese tragedy.
Please have a look: waphotographyauction.com/

21 March 2011

Been neglecting this section... Well loads happened since last I wrote... AIPAD, Paris Photo... and this... We've (What We Saw) been having this blog out since a while... Have a look at it... Some cool work... whatwesaw.wordpress.com/

20 June 2010

I saw this  link on the web about my video portrait of  Blair...
www.seriousartists.com/index.html and this is the main page: www.seriousartists.com/blair.html

20 May 2010

A new video was added in the Motion section... A video I did on Blair, a wonderful Poet and Musician I met in NY while he was performing in the Subway... Turned out that he was an award winner poet and a staple in the Detroit Music scene. A great encounter, a great man.

09 March 2010

Will be part of a group show in NY opening on the 18th of March... I will have 2 pictures in the show...

Do check it out!


09 March 2010

One of my pictures has been selected for a non profit Art Auction in London going towards raising money for Haiti... The exhibit will take place on the 7th  of April till the 11th.

16-18 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ


09 March 2010

Just found out that some of my work will be exhibited at this year's AIPAD  (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) in  New York at the Armory from the 18th of March till the 21st. If you are around check it out!!!


30 January 2010

For those of you interested, this is a walkthrough of the exhibition of the collective What We Saw, in New York.


19 January 2010

For those interested in buying the book of the What We Saw NY exhibition, please go to:


for more info and details on the exhibition, please go to:


01 January 2010

The collective "What We Saw" is now www.whatwesaw.com  the site has been revamped and we have our second group show opening January 7th at ICP School  New York, the details of the show are to be found on the website.

13 December 2009

I found this picture I took last year of my friend Oscar Bianchi.


11 December 2009

A bit late but I had 2 pictures shown at Paris Photo this year...


10 November 2009

An updated version of the "video clip" TBD has been posted under Multi-Media.

26 October 2009

John Leo posted in Facebook the portrait I did of him a while ago:


It's the B&W video...

21 October 2009
Have a look at the Video Clip I did for Christopher Tignor. It's called TBD and is in the Multi Media Section...
15 August 2009

Will be part of a photographic group show in NY on August 25th.

@ Baron: 545 West 45th Street , 3rd & 4th Floor   New York, NY

Opening night: August 25th at 6.00PM

02 May 2009

Posted a new Multi-Media piece of my 4 days in Beijing... Am happy with the style of it as it is getting closer and closer to what I have bouncing in my head... Have a look at it!

21 April 2009

Am doing a portrait on Blair, a wonderful singer/poet, it's a work in progress... I sent him an excerpt, a teaser to give him an idea of what I was doing, he liked it and put it on his MySpace page, have a look at it... B&W Film he calls it: "Imposters (Promo Video)" www.myspace.com/blairandtheboyfriends

26 March 2009

I took pictures in September of this Clown group formely known as Can Can Dew. They are now called Canarsie suite and this is their new website www.canarsiesuite.com/Home.html 

I shot all the B&W pictures... Enjoy

08 March 2009

I will have a few pictures exhibited at New York's AIPAD, running from March 26th till March 29th, located Park Avenue Armory.

17 January 2009

Just posted a new "Multi-Media" work on John Leo. Have a look at it.

19 November 2008

Recently I shot Ashley Avis and she posted this article on her blog... I thought it was cool...


19 November 2008

Pictures taken of John Leo were published on the Minnesota Fringe Festival website.

The Black and White ones...


10 October 2008

The story I did on John Leo has been published in New York... please click bellow to view the artice and my pictures.... www.flypmedia.com/issues/15/#7/1

19 September 2008

Joined a collective of photographers, have a look at their work: www.whatwesaw.net

15 August 2008

Currently I have pictures in a group show at ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York. The exhibition runns till end of August.

15 August 2008

Will be part of a group show in China at the Pingyao International Photography Festival.